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What's Your Water Score? Schedule A Free Water Test To Find Out!

Many things affect your water score, including water hardness, chlorine levels, contaminants, and the use of a water filter, among others. Depending on your current water score and the score you want to achieve, one or more water treatment options may be necessary to achieve the desired score.

If you don't know your water score, or if it isn't as high as you would like it to be, we can help!


Your water issues will determine what treatment options may be needed to improve your Water Score. Your WESTFAIR WATER SYSTEMS technician will recommend the solution that fits your water, your needs, and your budget.

SEE The Difference

Prefiltration offers frontline defense against large particles, sediment, iron, dirt, odor-causing impurities, chlorine, and other suspended solids. Kinetico’s whole-home systems employ different types of filters depending on your water’s overall condition.

FEEL The Difference

Reduce calcium and magnesium for luxuriously conditioned water. Kinetico whole-house systems are non-electric, so there are no electric parts to fail. Twin or quad tank designs ensure a continuous supply of soft water without disruption. When one tank is exhausted, the other tank automatically switches into service, providing 24/7 availability.

TASTE The Difference

Significantly reduce impurities from water to achieve clean, clear and great-tasting drinking water, right from the tap. Kinetico’s state-of-the-art systems produce high-quality water with a robust flow from the faucet.

Experience Life With A Higher Water Score Today!