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Water Quality – Bottled vs. Home Filtration

K5 Drinking Water Station

The main reason people choose bottled water over tap or well water is that it is widely assumed that bottled water is cleaner. You have options between spring, mineral, purified, etc., and if you’re paying three bucks a bottle, it must be better, right? I mean, you never see bottles of cloudy water. However, the quality of many bottled waters is not much different from the quality of the same water that is fed into your home, and of much lower quality than water that a home filtration system can provide.

Well Water vs. Bottled Water

The truth is, well water may be contaminated and it is up to the homeowner to order laboratory tests such as coliform, lead, arsenic, and radon to determine if their water is safe to drink. In fact, well water is often corrosive, and can corrode lead or copper pipes, contaminating your water. Well water often comes from natural sources, which sounds better, but this is where contamination can occur. While bottled water may be better than unfiltered well water, that doesn’t mean it’s the only alternative. If you are using well water, you should most definitely invest in a home filtration system, as this can provide you with much cleaner water than bottle water brands.

Municipal Water vs. Bottled Water

In general, bottled water is likely not of better quality than the water that comes from your faucet. Actually, one third of bottled water is tap water. It has just been run through a filter. On top of that, bottled water isn’t subject to as many rigorous tests that municipal water is run through. Municipal water is tested regularly, where bottled water isn’t tested nearly as much. On the other hand, you can’t always know what is happening between your local water source and the faucet of your home. Even if your municipal water is safer or just as safe as any bottled water, it is possible that contamination such as lead due to copper or lead pipes may occur. So municipal water isn’t always going to be better. Unless you filter it at home, that is.

The Solution: Home Filtration System

While there is debate over whether municipal water, well water, or bottled water is better, the solution is simple. If you filter your water right at home, you can be sure that your water is safe to drink, and of much higher quality than any bottled water. The amount of money an individual spends on bottled water throughout the year can easily pay for one of the many water treatment services and products that Westfair Water Systems offers. If you invest in a filtration system like the K5 Drinking Water Station, for example, you can have high quality, clean water fed right into your home. A water filtration system such as this provides clean, crisp, and safe water as you can possibly expect from any bottled water brand. Don’t take a gamble hoping that your water is the safest. Take it into your own hands and know for a fact that your water is clean and safe to drink.

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