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Water Quality Testing

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Water makes up more than half of the human body (55-60 percent, to be more precise), and almost three quarters of the Earth’s surface, or around 72 percent. Needless to say, water is pretty darn important. You consume it everyday. Your pets consume it every day.  If water is such an integral part of your life, you should make sure your water isn’t potentially harmful to you. You can do this by requesting a water quality test by the professionals at Westfair Water Systems  today.

There are a number of ways your water can become contaminated. Your water can have a low pH value, causing it to be too acidic. Your water can have traces of lead, usually caused by the water being too acidic. Your water can have traces of coliform, E.Coli, arsenic, chlorine, magnesium, and even radon. There are a number of ways to treat these contaminations, such as replacing outdated copper or lead pipes, or purchasing water softeners, treatment systems, or filters. But the first step is going to be the same in any case: get your water quality checked!

Whether you’re suspicious that your water is contaminated, or you have no reason to suspect so, it can’t hurt to know for sure. Some contaminants such as radon or radium are completely undetectable to human senses. So you wouldn’t know you had it even if you did. It’s for this reason that you should get a water quality test no matter what. However, there are some telltale signs that your water is contaminated.

If your water smells or tastes funny, it is likely contaminated. For example, the smell of sulfur, or rotten eggs, indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide in your water. This is a colorless gas that can result in diarrhea and dehydration. Cities also use chlorine to disinfect water, so if your water smells or tastes noticeably like chlorine, you should filter this out, as it can be harmful to your skin and hair.

There are also visible signs that your water may be contaminated. If your water is cloudy, it may have any number of contaminates that are present in raw water, such as clay particles. If your sinks or bathtubs have acid or corrosion stains, or if your fixtures have buildup around them, this may also indicate harmful contaminates in your water.

Some other important times to get your water quality checked are when moving into a new home, if you have a newborn or other young children, after a disaster, natural or otherwise, or if you are experiencing unexplained health issues. Request a free water analysis today with Westfair Water Systems.

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