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What You Need To Know…

You MUST be in contract in order to do testing.

Allow 12-14 days for final report and any remediation if necessary.

Is the house occupied?

If YES, that’s helpful as the water needs to be used on a regular basis.

  • Download the Instruction Sheet, obtain the necessary signatures, return to Lisa at Westfair per the information at the bottom of the form, and she will schedule you for testing.

If NO, and the house  has not been occupied for 3 weeks or more, the well will need to be chlorinated.

  • Must know where well cap is located, and it should be open prior to us coming, or sign the Release Form to release us of liability.
  • Payment is due upon chlorination.  Call for price which includes chlorination and follow-up test.
  • Test cannot be performed for 7 days AFTER the chlorination.

Call Lisa at Westfair to schedule – 914-241-2261