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Uranium is a metal that has no smell or taste and is naturally present in bedrock. When a drinking water
well is drilled into bedrock containing uranium, it can get into the well water. The only way to find out if your well has high uranium is to test for it.

Most ingested uranium is eliminated from the body. However, a small amount is absorbed and carried through the bloodstream and can affect the kidneys over time. Bathing and showering with water that contains uranium should not pose a health concern, therefore, it is not necessary to treat all the water in your home, but only the water you drink. Although, we do have whole house systems available if you feel the need to filter all the water coming into your home. Decisions about treatment systems depend on many factors, including what else is in your water; If you have elevated radium in addition to uranium, you will need to select a system that will effectively remove both contaminants.

Our Solutions

K5 Drinking Water Station

K5 Drinking Water System

  • Up to 5 Stages of Filtration!
  • Specialized Flex Filtration Cartridge options to meet your specific needs:
    Purefecta Virus/Bacteria Guard, Mineral Plus, Arsenic, Chloramines, Chlorine/Sediment, Sediment, Perchlorate, VOC Reduction
  • Dual Bladder 3-Gallon Holding Tank
  • Designer Lead-Free Faucet
  • Everclean Rinse Feature
  • Quick-Flow Technology
  • 10-Year Warranty
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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

  • The Purest Water for Your Entire Home
  • Needs to be Customized, might not be a suitable application for All Homes
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