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Sediment, Sand, Silt

Sediment, Sand, Silt are particulate matter that can occur in both private wells and municipal water supplies. It can come from decay of old pipes that bring the water into your home as well as the actual water supply itself, soil erosion, waste discharge, urban runoff, and eroding stream banks. All scenarios where this particulate is present leads to build up in shower heads and faucets, damage to appliances and washing machines and creates low water pressure throughout the home. It may not be totally visible but can cause a cloudiness or haziness of water.

Our Solutions

Powerline Backwashing Systems

Powerline Backwashing Systems

  • Extremely Effective with appropriate Specialized Media: Carbon, Macrolite, KDF
  • Customizable Automatic Backwashing
  • High Flow Rates
  • 12-Day Calendar Clock
  • Perfect for Well or Municipal Water Supplies
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Sand Separators

Sand Separators

  • Twist-to-Clean and Sand Master
  • Durable Product Design
  • Different Mesh Sizes Available
  • Great for Sand and Silt
  • Manual or Automatic Flushing Available
  • Uses less than 1 Gallon of Water
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Sediment Filters

Sediment Filters

  • Highly effective for problem water with sediment and silt
  • Easy Installation Set-Up
  • Customizable for Your Water Quality
  • No Backwashing Required
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