333 Adams Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507


"In 2009 we needed a whole new softening system and after a lot of research, we selected Westfair Water. It worked out to be the best decision. After all these years the water is still consistently clean and fresh. The crystal and glasses coming out of the dishwater sparkle like new and the clothes from the washer are fresh. Most importantly though, the customer service supplied by Westfair Water Systems is the best. They are responsive, helpful and caring. When our home needed an extreme make over after Hurricane Irene, the system needed to be restarted up. The company gave us immediate response, seeing how much other disaster factors we were dealing with throughout the house. They even came out on a Sunday to help change a fiter, who does that! If you want a professional, efficient company that takes a great pride in their name and product. We Highly Recommend Westfair Water!"
Michelle D.
New Canaan, CT
"Thank You Westfair and Kinetico... Before I had this system I hated the taste of the water and was experiencing white build-up on all my fixtures and appliances... Not to mention I had to replace my hot water heater of only 3 years old. Now I enjoy crisp, clean water everyday!!"
Michael & Amy B.
Pound Ridge, NY
"I love my Kinetico because I'm not spending hundreds of dollars at the salon to get rid of the green color it was turning my hair. And I was getting tired of cleaning up the blue/green stains left all over my white tub and sinks. Now it feels like I'm at a Spa with every shower and I use a lot less shampoo and conditioners with my new softener. Thanks Westfair!!"
John & Diane R.
Bedford, NY
"I decided to put in some sort of filtration device to give my 10 month old daughter baths, because her skin was dry, irritated, red, and itchy in some areas. Also, to feel safe about the water in my home. I contacted Westfair Water and had the Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis System put in three weeks ago. We are both so happy now that we put the system in. My daughters skin has cleared and she no longer scratches it. Westfair did such a great job on the installation and explaining how everything works. My water tastes so great and I don't worry about my family's health anymore. Thank you Frank! "
Bayla M.
New York, NY
"We had a filtration system installed in our home six months ago after years of buying bottled water. Frank and the Westfair team provided tremendous service - knowledgeable informative, and very responsive without at all being heavy handed in their sales approach. In addition to the service level, we have been very pleased with the product. Our water tastes great, the faucet has a sleek design that integrates well in our kitchen, and the whole system is very discreet. Highly recommend!"
Larchmont, NY
"I have been using the Westfair Water Filtration system for over a year now and it is wonderful! With three small children in the house I feel very confident that my little guys are getting clean and fresh water. The sales representative and service representatives are very responsive and know their product line. My water is clean, my whites are white and my ice cubes are transparent. I would recommend this system to any one that is looking for a water filtering system, you should call Westfair today!"
South Salem, NY