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Specialty Water Testing Services

Laboratory Analysis

Whether you are selling or buying a home or you simply want to ensure the quality and safety of your water, we offer a full range of specialized water testing services for a variety of contaminants: VOC’s, Pesticides, Metals, Natural Gases, Bacteria, Viruses, etc.

(Please call for individual contaminant & package pricing available for Private Well, Community Well & Municipal Systems).

  • Well Water: At any time, private well water can become contaminated without your knowledge. Some common causes include agricultural and lawn chemicals, a breach in a septic or well system, livestock waste, and other naturally occurring elements.  Water testing ensures you have a continued supply of clean, safe water. Our test results will reveal if any contaminants exist, their type, and contaminant levels along with current state-accepted levels, and then, if necessary, we can recommend the appropriate remediation system.
  • Municipal Water: Some common concerns about municipal water quality include:
    • Residual chlorine from treatment plant
    • Bacterial contamination from broken pipes
    • Heavy metals from deteriorating supply lines
    • Contaminants such as nitrates, pesticides, and herbicides

Let us help! We will test your water and provide professional water treatment services for any problems that might exist.

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