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How To Fix Sweating Pipes

Sweating water pipes are a common occurrence that can lead to excessive dampness, especially in residential basements.

As colder, outside water flows through the supply lines leading into your home, it is introduced to the warm and humid air inside. The cold water pipes attract the moisture in the warm air causing condensation to form on the outside of the water supply lines. Enough condensation can form on the pipes and they can drip and form puddles on the floor.

There are a Few Ways to Fix Sweating Pipes

Insulation: Insulated pipes don’t sweat. The easiest way to insulate your pipes is with self-adhesive pipe sleeves, sold at home improvement centers and hardware stores across the country. For more specific directions, take a look at our blog post about how to insulate pipes.

Dehumidifier: If your home has no air conditioning or the air conditioner doesn’t work, you can still reduce the problem by removing some of the humidity in the air.

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