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Fix Sweating Pipes


What Is Sweating Pipes & How To Fix Them

Everything sweats when temperatures rise in the summer, and cold water pipes are no exception. Luckily, pipe sweating is a relatively simple fix and can be taken care of by DIYers.

What Causes Pipes to Sweat?

Pipe sweating occurs because cold air holds less water vapor than warm air. When a cold pipe touches the hot, moist air around it, the temperature around the pipe drops and the air reaches its dew point. This causes the water vapor in the air to become a liquid and collect on the side of the pipe.

How To Fix


Insulated pipes don’t sweat. The easiest way to insulate your pipes is with self-adhesive pipe sleeves, sold at home improvement centers and hardware stores across the country. For more about how to insultate your pipes from sweating, take a look at the 90 second video.


If your home has no air conditioning or the air conditioner doesn’t work, you can still reduce the problem by removing some of the humidity in the air with a dehumidifier.