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Westchester County Water Profile Test

What is this?

A Local Law that applies to properties in Westchester served by private wells used for drinking water.
The law requires:

  • A water test must be conducted upon the signing of a contract of sale for any property served by a private well.
  • Testing for leased properties must be conducted on a regular, on-going basis.
  • Testing must be conducted prior to the use of water from new wells or wells that have not been in use as a potable water supply for a period of five years.

What does the test cover?

  • Inorganic CompoundsArsenic, Nitrate as Nitrogen, Lead (First draw & Flashed)
  • Microbiological Parameters: Bacteria (Escherichia Coli and Total Coliforms)
  • Secondary Drinking Water Contaminants:  pH, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Chloride
  • Total Metal Digestion
  • VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) Panel of 62 covering toxic chemicals, industrial solvents, agricultural pesticides, herbicides, paints, pharmaceuticals and refrigerants.

Testing is good for one year, therefore, don’t submit for testing until you have signed a contract.

How is it done?

Westfair Water Systems can assist you with the entire process;  we are an Authorized Representative of a Certified Laboratory:

  • We collect the water samples and deliver to the medical laboratory.
  • We complete the Private Well Water Testing Reporting Form to accompany the sample.
  • Testing is done on the potable water bypassing any existing filtration systems.
  • The final report takes approximately 12-14 days after sample is taken.
  • All test results shall be submitted by the Certified Laboratory to the Westchester County Board of Health Department.
  • We will assist in any remediations necessary should the sample fail testing.

Please note: Homeowners must be in contract for the testing to be done and the house must be occupied or chlorination of the well might be necessary prior to testing.  Test cannot be performed until 7 days after chlorination.

Now what?

Download the Instruction Sheet and Release Form. Return to Lisa at Westfair per the instructions at the bottom of the form.