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Westfair Water Systems is an authorized, independent Kinetico Dealer providing Kinetico water softeners, water filtration systems, drinking water systems in Westchester NY, Manhattan NY, Long Island, Fairfield CT, New Haven CT and surrounding areas.


From A Professional's Perspective...

the importance of having a water filtration system

Real Estate Broker

Add Value to a Home

Mark Boyland

Assoc. Real Estate Broker
Keller Williams NY Realty

“As a real estate agent, I’ve seen first-hand that a water system adds value to a seller’s home, making it more desirable to buyers. It’s an upgrade any buyer will be happy to have promoting health and protecting investments both inside and outside the home.

I highly recommend Westfair Water Systems; they are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction. They have been an integral part of the sales process for many of our clients where a water filtration system was required by law before closing. Frank and his staff are efficient, thorough and get the job done right so seller AND buyer are happy!”

Life Coach and Holistic Entrepreneur

Invigorate Body & Soul

Susan Kullman

CYT, CSLC, CHC, Founder & Owner of Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center

“I’ve been coaching people for many years on nutrition, weight-loss, and flexibility training. In each area, I’ve seen the importance of proper hydration with purified water. I’ve witnessed first-hand, positive changes in skin conditions, digestive wellness, and increased flexibility. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing what is in your water and having a purification system for the healthiest water to invigorate your body and soul.”

Environmental Specialist

Ensure the Quality of Your Water

Michael Carnicelli

Carnell Engineering
Vice President, Dir. Enviromental Services

“As a home inspection professional, I always advise my clients that they are responsible for the water they drink and use within their home. For those with well water, tests for total coliform and E. coli are advised annually. Other periodic tests, such as iron, pH and hardness should be performed if water quality issues are encountered. With a good well water test in hand, we would advise contacting Westfair Water Systems to remedy any water quality issues.”

Hair Care Specialist

Protect Your Hair

Kathleen Troy

Master Colorist
Paulos Atelier

“As a longtime hair colorist in Westchester, I have seen the harsh effects of hard water on clients’ hair! Stubborn green build up, brassy hues, and hair that turns snarly and unmanageable just from the client’s daily shower. No shampoo regimen (no matter how expensive or potent) can fight this phenomenon. I encourage all of my clients to analyze and purify their water. Why pay top dollar on your haircolor, only to go home and sabotage the results with harsh water?!”

Human Resources Architect

Promote Health & Well-Being

Aoife Quinn

Human Resources Architect

“Offering a purified drinking water system in the workplace shows you care about the overall wellness of your employees AND the environment. You save employees the headache (and expense) of bringing their own bottled water, you reduce the use of plastic and you save company money by tapping into your own source to create pure, healthy drinking water. So, when your wellness plan states that it’s best to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day make it a no-brainer to do so!”

Interior Designer

Protect Your Investments

Christine Wetzel

Interior Designer
Christine Wetzel Design

“Homes in Westchester County often have water supplies that contain a variety of different elements that cause expensive bath hardware, porcelain sinks, toilets and tubs to become severely discolored over time. Using a water purification system alleviates many homeowner headaches down the road, and makes my job as a designer quite a bit easier!”


Enhance Flavor & Dining Experience

Larry Debany

850 Degrees Restaurant

“Having a water filtration system has been extremely beneficial for two reasons… the most important being our dough making! Pizza dough is the main component of our menu so it’s quality is crucial; having purified water helps keep the consistency, texture, and taste so much better and fresher! The secondary bonus is cleaner, spot-free dishes, flatware and wine glasses! We are so busy that we don’t have time to re-wash anything and we of course, want our customers to have the best dining experience on all levels.”